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My name is Tiffany Swanger and I'm a 29 year old mother of two. My fiancé has been a great supporter of me returning to school and completing my goals. Returning to school was a priority for my family. I wanted to show them that nothing is impossible, so I decided to return to school. I was super excited to hear that I was selected as the winner of the $10,000 scholarship. I'm currently enrolled at Germanna Community College as a nursing student and working hard in completing my goals. Nursing school can be expensive and this scholarship will help me pay for textbooks, tuition, pay down some of my student loans, and any extra costs. This money will help me reassure myself that things are looking up for me and reaching my goal to becoming a registered nurse. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 6 years and I love it but there comes a time in life that you have to set goals and accomplishments in life for yourself so what better way than to stay home with the kids and continue my education. I want them to be able to say my mom worked hard and do the same for themselves. Now days you need a degree or higher education to make it in the world. I couldn't image life any other way, yes times do get tough and things may not look bright but keeping a positive attitude and having a strong support system will keep me on track. Thank you!!

Tiffany Swanger

My name is Roberta Lorette and I am a 38 year old single mother. I was super excited to hear that I won the $10,000 scholarship! Last year I attended Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts and received my Culinary Certificate to become a Chef. I plan to open up my own restaurant and so this year I am continuing my education by going to Orange Coast College and obtaining my Hotel and Management AA degree. With the scholarship I will be able to obtain a well needed computer so that when I do menus and food costing I can do it in a professional manner. I would also like to use it for room and board for my son and I as we have been struggling for independence these last few years. The church that I go to told us to as to ask for favor on our lives and I did. Right after that Mylene from called me and told me I won. At first I hung up on her and then she called me back to inform me that "yes" in fact I was the WINNER of the scholarship.

I would also like to use the scholarship towards school loans, books, parking permit, and my materials for the next stage in my schooling. I truly believe that it will this will help take me and my son up to the next level in my career goals. It is so important to have opportunities out there that allow people that want to improve their life be able to succeed. Thank you so much, I am so excited that I won and and I am proud to share my experiences with future entries. Everyone should enter to win; you never know…you could be the next winner!!

Tiffany Swanger